Who delivers the Melbourne Cup trophy to the winner?

In the heart of Australia’s horse racing season, excitement surges as the prestigious Melbourne Cup approaches. The epitome of equestrian excellence, this coveted trophy is more than just a symbol of victory. But have you ever wondered who has the honor of presenting this iconic trophy to the winning horse’s connections? Join us as we unveil the secrets behind this time-honored tradition and discover the esteemed individuals who have the privilege of delivering the illustrious Melbourne Cup trophy to its deserving recipient.

How much is a Melbourne Cup trophy worth?

Melbourne Cup 2023 Prize Money, Purse & Trophy - Racenet
The Melbourne Cup trophy is far from ordinary; its value surpasses expectations. Watch the video above to witness the intricate craftsmanship behind the making of this prestigious trophy. With an estimated worth of over $250,000, the winning trophy is made of 1.65 kg of 18 carat gold. This increase in value occurred in 2008, solidifying its status as a true masterpiece. Join us as we delve into the history and significance of the Melbourne Cup trophy, and discover the reasons behind its impressive price tag.

Who won the Melbourne Cup?

Melbourne Cup Day 2022 Results: The Melbourne Cup Winner is Top-Weight Gold  Trip -
In a thrilling display of skill and determination, Verry Elleegant emerged as the victorious horse in the Melbourne Cup. Guided by jockey James McDonald, Verry Elleegant triumphantly crossed the finish line in Race 7 at Flemington Racecourse. The exhilarating moment was captured in a captivating photograph by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images. As we bid farewell for now, let us celebrate the joy of this race, taking solace in the fact that no horses were harmed in today’s event. Until we meet again, may the spirit of sport and horsemanship continue to shine brightly.

What happens if a horse wins the Melbourne Cup?

Gold Trip wins 162nd edition of the Melbourne Cup | RNZ News
When a horse emerges victorious in the Melbourne Cup, the celebrations extend beyond the prestigious trophy. The winning owners, trainer, and jockey are honored with their own versions of the Melbourne Cup trophy as a testament to their success. Additionally, the horse’s dedicated strapper is also acknowledged and presented with a trophy. Alongside these symbols of triumph, the winning horse itself is rewarded handsomely, with a total of $4.4 million in Melbourne Cup prize money. This substantial sum is then distributed among the entire team behind the winning horse, recognizing their collective efforts and ensuring their well-deserved recognition and financial reward.

How much is the 2022 Melbourne Cup worth?

Melbourne Cup 2023 Prize Money, Trophy and Purse
In 2022, the Melbourne Cup carries an unprecedented value of $8 million, solidifying its position as the most lucrative handicap horse race globally. Within this remarkable prize pool, the winner of the esteemed Cup will receive a staggering $4.4 million in winnings, a testament to their exceptional performance. Beyond the substantial monetary reward, the victorious horse’s connections will also have the honor of receiving the iconic Melbourne Cup trophy, estimated to be worth an additional $250,000 in captivating 18-carat gold. Join us as we delve into the excitement and glamour surrounding the 2022 Melbourne Cup, where both financial triumph and priceless prestige await the deserving winner.

Who keeps the Melbourne Cup trophy?

Lexus Melbourne Cup Trophy - Network Ten
Tradition and prestige intertwine in the iconic Melbourne Cup trophy, a symbol of equestrian excellence and victory. This esteemed trophy, known as a three-handled loving-cup, has been meticulously handcrafted since 1919. Constructed from 34 pieces of gold, each delicately shaped through over 200 hours of hand-beating, this masterpiece holds an impressive value of $125,000. The ultimate honor is bestowed upon the owner of the winning horse, who receives the Melbourne Cup trophy. As a gesture of recognition, smaller replicas are also presented to the trainer and jockey, commemorating their integral role in the triumphant journey to Melbourne Cup glory. Join us as we explore the rich history and significance behind this cherished trophy, captivating the hearts of racing enthusiasts for over a century.

What does the jockey get for winning Melbourne Cup?


Melbourne Cup 2023 Prize Money, Purse & Trophy - Racenet
When it comes to winning the Melbourne Cup, jockeys are well-rewarded for their remarkable skill and determination. The winning jockey receives an impressive prize money of $220,000, which equates to a significant 5% of the total payout awarded to the first-place finisher. Alongside this substantial monetary reward, the jockey is also presented with a coveted replica miniature cup valued at $10,000, a cherished memento of their triumph. Additionally, the jockey is entitled to a payment for riding the horse on race day, amounting to approximately $258.50. This combination of financial recognition and commemorative gifts highlights the well-deserved praise and appreciation bestowed upon the victorious jockey in the prestigious Melbourne Cup.

How much money does the winner of the Melbourne Cup receive?

Melbourne Cup 2023 Prize Money, Purse & Trophy - Racenet
When it comes to the distribution of the Melbourne Cup prize money, each role in the winning horse’s journey is recognized and rewarded accordingly. The owner of the victorious horse receives the lion’s share, earning a staggering $3,740,000, which accounts for 85% of the total prize. The trainer, a crucial figure in the horse’s success, is awarded $440,000, representing 10% of the prize money. The jockey, who skillfully guided the horse to victory, receives a significant payout of $220,000, making up 5% of the prize distribution. This equitable distribution ensures that all key contributors to the Melbourne Cup triumph are duly recognized and financially acknowledged.

Who is the main sponsor of the Melbourne Cup?

Melbourne Cup sponsor Emirates riding into the sunset | The Australian
In an exciting announcement, Lexus has confirmed its continued partnership as the naming rights sponsor of the Melbourne Cup. This extension comes as part of their continued role as the principal partner of the Victoria Racing Club (VRC). As the prestigious race unfolds in 2022, the event will be officially known as the 2022 LEXUS MELBOURNE CUP. This collaboration between Lexus and the VRC showcases their commitment to the world of horse racing and the enduring legacy of this historic event. Join us as we witness the thrilling action and elegance that unfolds with the support of Lexus as the main sponsor of the Melbourne Cup.

Does the winning team keep the cup?

Qatar 2022: Do The World Cup Winners Keep The Trophy Or Do They Have To  Return It? - MSC FOOTBALL
In the past, the winning team of the tournament used to keep the Cup until the final draw of the next event. However, this practice has changed. Instead, the winners now receive a gold-plated bronze replica of the Cup, as opposed to the original solid gold trophy. Similarly, teams that have won the tournament three times also keep the replica instead of the original cup. This alteration ensures the preservation and protection of the iconic original trophy while still allowing the victorious teams to be rightfully recognized and celebrated. Join us as we explore the rich history and fascinating traditions surrounding this esteemed sporting prize.

How much do jockeys get paid?

Top ten highest earning jockeys in world revealed with unknown Japanese  star, 54, bagging £573m and NO Frankie Dettori | The Sun
The compensation for jockeys is determined by a set percentage of the race’s advertised prizemoney. In flat racing, jockeys typically receive 8.5% of the win prizemoney and 2.61% of the place prizemoney. Meanwhile, in jump racing, jockeys tend to receive around 11.03% of the win fund and 3.44% of the place prizemoney. These percentages ensure that jockeys are fairly rewarded for their skills and efforts, reflecting the competitive nature of horse racing. Join us as we delve into the world of jockey earnings and explore the financial aspects of this exhilarating sport.

How do jockeys get paid in Australia?

How Much Do Jockeys Make? (Salary by states)
In Australia, jockeys receive payment through a combination of a mount fee and a percentage of the prize money earned if they finish in the top three positions. The mount fee is a fixed sum of money that jockeys are paid for each horse they ride in a race. Additionally, if the jockey guides the horse to a first, second, or third-place finish, they are entitled to a percentage of the prize money awarded to the horse’s connections. This payment structure ensures that jockeys are compensated for their expertise and performance, incentivizing them to achieve successful outcomes in their races. Join us as we explore the intricacies of jockey compensation in the thrilling world of Australian horse racing.

What is the richest horse race in the world?

7 richest horse races in the world | CNN
Prepare for an exhilarating showdown in the Saudi Cup 2023, as renowned jockey Frankie Dettori sets his sights on the astonishing $20 million prize. This globally anticipated horse race boasts an unprecedented total prize pool of $35.5 million, making it the undisputed richest horse race in the world. Over the course of two thrilling days, elite horse racing events will captivate spectators as riders and their magnificent steeds vie for both glory and an extraordinary fortune. Join us as we delve into the excitement and glamour of the Saudi Cup, uncovering the fierce competition and eye-watering rewards that await the victorious few in this unprecedented display of prestige and grandeur.

How much does it cost to enter a horse in the Melbourne Cup?

$600 per horse

Melbourne Cup 2023 Horses | Horse Details With Tips & Odds | Racenet
To secure a spot in the highly coveted Melbourne Cup, horse owners are required to pay an entry fee of $600 per horse. With approximately 300 to 400 nominations received each year, only 24 horses ultimately make it to the final field. Once the weights are allocated, the owner must declare the horse as an acceptor on four separate occasions before the race in November. Alongside these declarations, additional fees must be paid by the owner to solidify their horse’s participation in this prestigious event. Join us as we unveil the incredible journey and financial commitments involved in entering a horse into the illustrious Melbourne Cup.

Who is the richest Australian jockey?

How 27-year-old Clayton Douglas upstaged Chris Waller
James McDonald stands as the reigning champion of Australian jockeys when it comes to earnings, amassing an impressive sum of nearly $2 million. Claiming victories in prestigious races such as the Melbourne Cup with Verry Elleegant and The Everest with Nature Strip, McDonald’s skill and success have propelled him to the top of the ranks. With an undeniable talent to guide horses to victory in high-profile events, McDonald’s victories not only solidify his status as the richest Australian jockey but also serve as a testament to his exceptional abilities in the saddle. Join us as we dive into the extraordinary career of James McDonald and uncover the secrets behind his remarkable achievements in the world of horse racing.

What is the richest horse race in Australia?

The Everest Horse Race

Giga Kick runs down favourite Nature Strip to win Australia
Prepare for the ultimate display of horse racing opulence at the widely acclaimed The Everest. This prestigious event, held annually in October at the illustrious Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney, takes the crown as Australia’s richest horse race. Open exclusively to horses aged three years and older, The Everest boasts an unparalleled purse of a staggering $15 million. With a lineup of top-class thoroughbreds competing for glory, this thrilling race captures the attention of racing enthusiasts worldwide. Join us as we delve into the glamour and excitement surrounding The Everest, where both fortune and the prestigious title await the worthy champion.

What percentage of winnings do jockeys get?

How much are Kentucky Derby jockeys paid? Purse percentage for riders of  winning horse, runners-up | Sporting News
Jockeys have the opportunity to earn substantial income through prize money when they guide a horse to a top-three finish in a race. The percentage of winnings a jockey receives varies depending on their placement. In Thoroughbred races, jockeys generally receive 5% of the purse for a second or third-place finish, while a first-place finish entitles them to a higher percentage of 10%. These earnings reflect the jockey’s role in achieving a successful outcome and reward their expertise in navigating the racecourse. As we explore the financial aspects of a jockey’s career, we will uncover the intricacies of their earnings and the relationship between skill and monetary rewards in the

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