What is the oldest American breed of horse?

What is the oldest American breed of horse?
What is the oldest American breed of horse?

There is no horse that can sprint a quarter mile quicker than a Quarter Horse – thus the name of this horse breed.

Portrait: American Quarter Horse


(American) Quarter Horse

Height at the withers:

145 – 165 cm


compact physique, short, broad head, powerful hindquarters, broad stance

Colour of coat:

all colours, dappled horses are not desired


calm, friendly, intelligent, easy to train


soft, flat, known for their slow trot (“jog”)

Suited for:

Dressage and western riding, rodeo, equitation and riding contests, leisure riding

Facts about horses

Did you know that? Western horse breeding and riding were introduced to Germany in particular owing to the well-known Swiss horse trainer Jean-Claude Dysli and the American Alan Jacob. In the 1960s, they introduced the first Quarter Horses to Europe. Jean-Claude Dysli’s daughter Kenzie, who works as a horse consultant for our show “World of Fantasy”, still continues to breed these horses at her hacienda in Andalusia today.

What is the oldest American breed of horse?

Quarter Horses are the most prevalent horse breed in the world.

It’s THE horse for cowboys – but there is more

Quarter Horses are the most prevalent horse breed in the world, with over 4.6 million animals. It’s no surprise that they’re popular among riders as both competitive and pleasure horses. After all, their adaptability, paired with their well-balanced personality, makes them dependable companions in a variety of situations. Many people associate these American horses with cowboys and livestock herds. Because of their so-called “cow sense,” the animals are often utilized for cattle drive. This means, they have a natural feel for the cattle herd and their riders’ wishes, which makes them able to adapt their movements to the situation at hand. But that’s not their only specialty: American Quarter Horses are the fastest horses when it comes to running a quarter of a mile (around 400 metres), which is where they get their name. They accelerate incredibly swiftly in these quarter mile races, leaving other horse breeds well behind, even English thoroughbreds.

Crossbreeding diverse European breeds to combine their favorable qualities and talents resulted in the creation of the oldest North American horse breed. When the American continent was discovered by European settlers in the 17th and 18th centuries and brought horses with them, wild horses had already gone extinct there. Crossbreeding Arabian horses, Berber horses, English thoroughbreds, and Irish ponies resulted in the Quarter Horse. They served as loyal partners in all kinds of situations to the settlers conquering America – and today, they are still sturdy and reliable.

What is the oldest American breed of horse?

Quarter horses have sensitive and powerful nerves.

Not all Quarter Horses are the same

The breeding association with the most members in the world, the American Quarter Horse Association, distinguishes between different types of Quarter Horses. Some features are more evident depending on the horse’s usage. They do, however, share relatively well-developed hindquarters and a tiny skull. These strong horses often have short fox ears and prominent lower jaws. “Stock horse type” refers to the traditional Quarter Horse breed. The various varieties are likewise designated for the western discipline for which they were bred. All coat colors and hues are acceptable. Quarter Horses have their own names as well: there are over 17 different colors. Only dappled horses are undesirable. They are known as “Paint horses” and are registered as such. Quarter Horses, in general, have strong nerves, are sensitive, and are kind. They are eager to learn new things and enjoy doing so. As a result, they are immensely popular among riders of all disciplines. They specialize in and are mostly utilized for western riding and related disciplines like horse reining.

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    The Appaloosa, Quarter Horse, Paint Horse, and Spanish Mustang are the most popular Native American horse breeds.

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    The Icelandic Horse is without a doubt the oldest breed still in existence, with a history spanning more than 12,000 years. It is even mentioned in Viking mythology, with night and day being drawn by two Icelandic Horses named Hrmfaxi and Skinfaxi.

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    The Rarest in the World

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    The Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Creek captured their first horses from the Spanish and became avid horse breeders in their original homes in the Southeast. Upon their relocation to Oklahoma, several tribes continued to produce horses.

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