What horse won the kentucky derby 2023

Welcome to our blog post where we reveal the exhilarating result of the prestigious Kentucky Derby 2023! Packed with nail-biting suspense and heart-pounding excitement, this year’s race showcased the finest thoroughbred horses competing for the ultimate glory. In this post, we unveil the name of the magnificent steed that triumphed in this historic event. So, saddle up as we delve into the awe-inspiring tale of the horse that emerged victorious and made history at the Kentucky Derby 2023!

Who won the 2023 Kentucky Derby?

Kentucky Derby 2023 winning jockey: Who rode Mage at Churchill Downs
Mage, a talented thoroughbred horse, captured the victory in the highly anticipated 2023 Kentucky Derby, marking the first leg of the revered Triple Crown. In a stunning and determined performance, Mage surged ahead in the final moments of the race, crossing the finish line with an impressive official time of 2:01.57. This triumph marks the second career win for Mage, who raced with odds of 15/1. Guided by the skilled trainer Gustavo Delgado and ridden by the talented jockey Javier Castellano, Mage showcased exceptional skill, stamina, and a remarkable spirit throughout the exhilarating event. The 2023 Kentucky Derby will forever be remembered as the stage where Mage etched their name in horse racing history.

Who won the 149th Kentucky Derby?

Kentucky Derby: Mage crosses finish line first | CNN
In a thrilling turn of events, the inexperienced yet promising horse named Mage emerged as the victor in the highly anticipated 149th Kentucky Derby. Despite having only three starts and one previous win, Mage showcased remarkable talent and determination throughout the race. Guided by the skilled jockey Javier Castellano, Mage galloped across the finish line, securing a well-deserved victory by a length. The second-place position was claimed by Two Phil’s, while Angel of Empire finished third. Surprising the odds, Mage closed at a remarkable 15-1, proving that underdogs can triumph in the face of fierce competition. This win not only marks a significant milestone for Mage but also serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and determination in the world of horse racing.

How many horses qualified for the 2023 Kentucky Derby?

Kentucky Derby Horses Lineup: 2023 Field, Expert Rankings & More
A total of 20 horses earned their place in the highly anticipated 2023 Kentucky Derby. To secure a spot in the race, these horses accumulated points throughout the year on the 2023 Road to the Kentucky Derby. This prestigious event, which has been held since 1875, is a Grade I stakes race that spans a distance of 1 ¼ miles (2.0 km). Hosted at the iconic Churchill Downs racetrack, the Kentucky Derby brings together the finest and most skilled thoroughbred horses in an exhilarating display of speed, stamina, and determination. This year’s edition promises to deliver another thrilling chapter in the rich history of this renowned race.

Could Mage be the first horse to win a Kentucky Derby?

Kentucky Derby: Mage crosses finish line first | CNN
As the 2023 Kentucky Derby approaches, all eyes are on Mage, who has the opportunity to make history. Should Mage emerge victorious in this prestigious race, they would become the first horse since Justify in 2018 to achieve the remarkable feat of winning both the Kentucky Derby and the race at Pimlico Race Course. While the odds may currently stand at 50/1 for Raise Cain, it’s important to remember that surprises can happen in horse racing, as proven by Rich Strike’s unexpected triumph as an 80-1 longshot in the previous year. With the thrill and unpredictability that accompanies each race, it’s impossible to rule out any contender, and Mage stands on the precipice of etching their name in the annals of horse racing history.

Who won the Kentucky Derby race 2023?


Kentucky Derby results: Full finish order for 2023 race
In a thrilling display of skill and determination, Mage emerged as the victor in the highly anticipated 2023 Kentucky Derby held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. Despite only having one previous victory in three races, Mage showcased incredible resilience. Under the guidance of Javier Castellano, a Hall of Fame jockey, Mage held off the competition, most notably Two Phil’s, in an exhilarating sprint to the finish line. Covering a distance of 1 1/4 miles, Mage completed the race with an impressive time of 2:01.57. This victory not only solidifies Mage’s place in horse racing history but also marks an important milestone for Castellano, who ended his 0-for-15 drought in the Derby.

What order did the horses finish in the Kentucky Derby?

Kentucky Derby finishing time, race chart and purse

  1. Mage, 2:01.57, $1.86 million.
  2. Two Phil’s, (one length behind), $600,000.
  3. Angel of Empire, (1½), $300,000.
  4. Disarm, (4½), $150,000.
  5. Hit Show, (6¼), $90,000.
  6. Derma Sotogake, (8)
  7. Tapit Trice, (9¼)
  8. Raise Cain, (10)

Who won the Triple Crown 2023?


2023 Triple Crown Prospect Profiles: Derby Winner Mage and His Chances in  Preakness| America
In a remarkable achievement, Arcangelo emerged victorious in the 2023 Belmont Stakes, securing the highly coveted Triple Crown title. This win not only showcases Arcangelo’s exceptional racing abilities but also marks a significant milestone in the sport. Adding to the already historical moment, the trainer of Arcangelo became the first woman to ever win a Triple Crown race. This groundbreaking achievement breaks barriers and paves the way for more diversity and inclusion in the world of horse racing. Arcangelo’s triumph in the Belmont Stakes solidifies their place as one of the greatest racehorses of our time and cements their name in the annals of Triple Crown history.

What jockey won the Kentucky Derby 2023?

Year Winner Jockey
2023 Mage Javier Castellano
2022 Rich Strike Sonny Leon
2021 Mandaloun Florent Geroux
2020 Authentic John R. Velazquez

Is 2023 the 149 Kentucky Derby?

Churchill Downs unveils 2023 Kentucky Derby logo
The 149th running of the Kentucky Derby, officially known as the 2023 Kentucky Derby presented by Woodford Reserve, took place on May 6, 2023. As a longstanding tradition, the race unfolded on the first Saturday in May in its usual location of Louisville, Kentucky. This milestone edition of the Kentucky Derby held special significance, as it celebrated the rich history and enduring legacy of one of the most prestigious horse racing events in the world. Jockeys, trainers, and spectators from around the globe gathered to witness this thrilling spectacle and join in the excitement of this iconic race. It was a day filled with anticipation, unforgettable moments, and the crowning of a new champion in the annals of the Kentucky Derby.

What’s the finishing order of the 2023 Kentucky Derby?

7:36 p.m.: Final results of the Kentucky Derby race

  1. Mage.
  2. Two Phil’s.
  3. Angel of Empire.
  4. Disarm.
  5. Hit Show.
  6. Derma Sotogake.
  7. Tapit Trice.
  8. Raise Cain.

Has any mare won the Kentucky Derby?

Mage has won the Kentucky Derby, at a race meeting marred by 7 horse deaths  : NPR
Throughout the illustrious history of the Kentucky Derby, only three fillies have managed to secure victory in this esteemed race. In the exhibit titled ‘Winning Colors: Famous Fillies,’ the remarkable achievements of these three fillies – Regret in 1913, Genuine Risk in 1980, and Winning Colors in 1988 – were celebrated and showcased. The exhibit offered a captivating display of historical artifacts, including the gold cup presented to the Klein Family, owners of the legendary filly Winning Colors, in recognition of her remarkable triumph in the Derby. This exhibit served as a tribute to the incredible strength, talent, and determination displayed by these exceptional fillies, reminding us of their enduring legacy in the sport of horse racing.

What did a $2 bet pay at the Kentucky Derby?


Kentucky Derby 2021 payouts
In a thrilling upset, Mage emerged as the victor in the 149th Kentucky Derby, defying the odds of 15-1. This remarkable victory had spectators at Churchill Downs and the millions watching from home on the edge of their seats. For those who had faith in Mage’s potential, a $2 bet on the horse to win proved to be a wise decision, as it paid out an impressive $32.42. Additionally, those who placed a $2 exacta bet on Mage and Two Phil’s to finish in first and second were rewarded handsomely, receiving a payout of $330.44. These payouts serve as a testament to the unpredictable nature of horse racing and demonstrate the excitement and potential rewards that can come from taking a chance on the underdog.

What horse won Belmont 2023?


Arcangelo wins 2023 Belmont Stakes, trainer 1st woman to win a Triple Crown  race | PBS NewsHour
A new champion has emerged in the 2023 Belmont Stakes, and it is none other than the remarkable racehorse Arcangelo. Despite odds of 8-1, Arcangelo proved to be a force to be reckoned with as it surged ahead in the final moments of the race, securing a memorable victory. What makes this win even more significant is that Arcangelo was trained by Jena Antonucci, marking the first time that a horse with a female trainer has claimed the title in the Belmont Stakes. This victory not only showcases the exceptional talent and skill of Arcangelo but also serves as a testament to the increasing diversity and inclusion within the esteemed sport of horse racing.

How much do jockeys make?

How Much Do Horse Racing Jockeys Make? (Average Yearly Salary)
Horse jockeys in the United States have a wide range of salaries. The lowest earners make around $10,049, while the highest earners can make as much as $271,427. The median salary for horse jockeys is $48,880, indicating that half of the jockeys earn more than this amount and half earn less. The middle 57% of jockeys fall within a salary range of $48,882 to $123,036. It’s worth noting that the top 86% of jockeys earn a salary of $271,427, highlighting the significant income potential in this profession. These salary ranges reflect the unique demands and risks associated with being a professional horse jockey, as well as the varying levels of experience, success, and connection to top horses and trainers.

Has anyone won the Triple Crown twice?

Has a Horse Won the Triple Crown Twice ? – Horse Racing Noise
Rogers Hornsby, a highly accomplished baseball player, made history by becoming the first player to win the Triple Crown on two separate occasions. His first triumph occurred in 1922, and he went on to achieve this exceptional feat once again in 1925. Notably, he accomplished both of these remarkable achievements while playing for the St. Louis Cardinals. Hornsby’s talent and prowess on the field were undeniable, as he not only excelled individually but also led both major leagues during these victorious seasons. His incredible success in winning the Triple Crown twice solidifies his place in baseball history as one of the finest players to have ever graced the sport.

Has a filly ever won the Triple Crown?

Remembering the original winner of the Filly Triple Crown | Topics: Eddie  Arcaro, Filly Triple Crown, Bill Shoemaker | Thoroughbred Racing Commentary
Throughout the history of horse racing, only 11 fillies have managed to achieve the impressive feat of winning a Triple Crown race. The most recent filly to accomplish this was Rachel Alexandra, who secured victory at the Preakness in 2009. In recent years, it has become increasingly uncommon to see female horses competing in the three prestigious marquee events that make up the Triple Crown. However, the triumphs of these 11 remarkable fillies serve as a testament to their exceptional talent and ability to compete at the highest level in the sport. While their achievements may be rare, the legacy of these trailblazing fillies continues to inspire and capture the imagination of horse racing enthusiasts around the world.

Who is the most famous Kentucky Derby jockey?

Eddie Arcaro

Here are the 11 winningest jockeys in Kentucky Derby history
Eddie Arcaro is widely recognized as one of the greatest jockeys in Kentucky Derby history. With an impressive career, Arcaro achieved a remarkable record of five Kentucky Derby wins out of 21 races. He was even honored with induction into the prestigious Hall of Fame. Arcaro’s successful journey began in 1938 when he clinched his first Derby victory while riding Lawrin. Over the years, he continued to showcase his skill and expertise, securing four more wins. His final triumph came in 1952 astride Hill Gail. It is worth noting that Arcaro’s exceptional track record only had one outlier, Hoop Jr., who was trained under the guidance of Ivan H. Despite this one exception, Eddie Arcaro remains a legendary figure in the Kentucky Derby’s rich history of talented jockeys.

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