What breed of horses does a piebald horse come from?

Pied, often known as piebald, is a horse color pattern defined by big black spots on a white coat. Piebald is derived from two words: ‘pie’ for magpie and ‘bald’ for white patch. In the UK, the color combinations ‘piebald’ and ‘skewbald’ (white with another color other than black) are collectively called ‘colored’. This color pattern is known as ‘pinto’ in the United States. Piebald horses have a black base coat with a spotting pattern gene, such as tobiano, sabino, splash overo, and frame.

Pictures of Piebald Horses

Piebald Horse Pictures

Related Questions

  • What is the difference between Tobiano and piebald?

    In the United Kingdom, tobianos are frequently referred to as “coloured” or as “pied”: piebald if black and white, skewbald if white and any base color other than black. “Painted” is also used sometimes. Tricolored horses are those that are bay and white tobiano.

  • What does piebald mean in a horse?

    adjective. A piebald animal has patches of black and white on its coat. Synonyms include pied, spotted, black and white, and flecked. Additional Piebald Synonyms.

  • What is another name for a piebald horse?

    The name for this coloring pattern in North American English is pinto, with the specialized term “paint” referring particularly to a breed of horse having American Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred genes in addition to being spotted, while pinto applies to any spotted horse.

  • What type of horse is a piebald?

    When it comes to horses, a piebald horse is an exclusively black horse with white spots. This is the most often used word in British English. Piebald horses are frequently referred to as “pinto” in North American English. The piebald pattern occurs due to genetics.

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