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Hi there. I’m Samson. As the longest resident with the Trust, I consider myself to be pretty important around here. After all, as the founder horse, the Trust wouldn’t exist without me. I’m the self-appointed ambassador for all the horses here, so I thought I’d introduce them to you. I’ve asked each of the horses to tell you a bit about themselves – but here and there, I’ve added in a comment or two of my own!

Samson (raced as Distinctly Game)

Vital statistics: 13 year-old 16.2hh bay gelding. Not for re-homing

Obviously, my story is top of the list as befits my status! I arrived at the Trust in 2009 after a pretty successful racing career. As I’m sure you can imagine, I struck a magnificent figure on the race course before a foot injury forced my retirement.When I arrived here I certainly needed a bit of TLC, which I’ve been given in bucket loads – I’m a pretty popular guy with the horses and humans here. I wear special boots now which support and ease my foot and knowing that I will live here forever, means I can relax, take the newcomers under my wing and show them the ropes. I enjoy walks up on the downs in good weather, a warm stable at night in the winter and playing in the field at any time of the year – especially with my best mate Connor.

Connor (raced as Search Me)

Vital statistics: 13 year-old 16.3hh chestnut gelding. Available for re-homing in 2015

I’d say that I’m the handsomest horse around here – I’m especially proud of my glorious colouring. I came to the Trust after a short racing and point-to-point career – you should see me go when I gallop around the field! Since arriving in 2013, I have fattened up and regained my lovely coat thanks to plenty of good grass and hay whenever I want it. I hear rumours that I am going to start being ridden again this year ahead of finding a new home. I can’t wait – I do get a bit bored without a job to do and although I’d miss playing with Samson, I’d like my own human companion to give me plenty of one to one attention, take me out exploring new places and treat me gently and kindly, as I’m a bit of a softie at heart.


Vital statistics: 6 year-old 16hh bay mare. Available for re-homing in 2015

I was one of the horses rescued by the Trust from Ireland in the nick of time – we were about to be shipped to Europe for meat as our owner couldn’t afford to keep and train us for racing. Talk about size zero – we were all a bit thin! They called me the ugly duckling when we arrived in 2010, but just look at me now! My long legs give me the grace of a ballerina and I move like a dream. I’m about to start more groundwork before being ridden, to build my muscles and confidence ready for my forever home. Whoever takes me to their heart will need to enjoy cuddles, which I love! Samson says: They will also need a sense of humour as she also likes pulling people’s hats off.


Vital statistics: 6 year-old 14.3hh bay mare. Available for re-homing in 2015

I’m starting ridden work this year which I’m looking forward to as I’m certain to impress! As you can tell, I’ve developed quite a strong personality since coming to the Trust in 2010 and one of my favourite things is to chase the ducks and geese from the field – it is my job to protect the others after all. I used to be really shy and suspicious, but nowadays, I’m up for and into everything. Samson says: nosy might be a better description, plus she is a bit of a drama queen, truth be told.


Vital statistics: 6 year-old 15hh bay mare. Available for re-homing in 2015

It is my biggest regret that I can’t be ridden because of my twisted fetlock, but I would make another horse or pony a great companion. I like my own company and don’t mind being left on my own if my horsey chums are out and about, but equally, I do like to join in on a game of chase and charge about a bit. I love human company too and would make a great pet. Since coming here, I pretty much take everything in my stride and don’t make a fuss like Poppy – even though we are the same age. Samson says: if only Poppy was as sensible!


How could anyone resist us!

After unhappy starts to their young lives, former Trust residents Gemma and Ivan recently went to loving new homes, where they are both are thriving and proving to be exceptional horses. We would love to hear from anyone who thinks they could offer one of us a forever home. Naturally, the Trust would want to make sure we are right for each other and that you would be able to offer us the accommodation and care that we need now and into the future.

So prospective partners are asked to spend some time initially getting to know the horse they have chosen at the Trust – grooming, handling, leading and riding if appropriate. Someone from the Trust will also check out our new quarters before we move in and afterwards, they pop along from time to time, just to make sure we are making good progress.

If you would like to find out more about re-homing, please call Sharon Moore on 01273 841854 (mob: 07810 654480) – or send us an email in the first place if you prefer ([email protected]).

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