Is ketamine horse tranquilizer ?

Debunked: 3 Common Ketamine Myths

Ketamine is a drug that’s misunderstood in our society. Like other drugs, ketamine can be dangerous when it’s abused for recreational use  and taken in high doses. However, when administered by a doctor in a safe setting, ketamine can offer valuable benefits, including decreased depression symptoms. Here are a few of the most common myths surrounding ketamine.

Ketamine Myth: It’s a Horse Tranquilizer

One of ketamine street drug names is “Special K.” This has come to be known as a horse tranquilizer. The truth is, ketamine is used in veterinary practices as an anesthetic, the same way it has been used on people. The difference is that the doses used on larger animals greatly surpass the dosage that would be used on humans for mental health treatment. When ketamine is labeled as a “horse tranquilizer,” it conjures imagery of a dangerous drug that could knock a person out. But ketamine isn’t just used on horses—it’s used on many animals, and the dosage will depend on the size of the animal.

Ketamine Myth: Treatment Can Lead To Addiction

Another common ketamine myth is that it will lead to ketamine addiction. While ketamine is not physically addictive, it can be addictive psychologically addictive when it’s abuse for recreational usage. However, when administered by a doctor or nurse in a controlled environment, it is safe. When receiving ketamine infusions for depression, patients will be given safe dosages and will receive the treatment from a medical professional. When ketamine is administered in this matter, it is not addictive.

Ketamine Myth: It’s Harmful To Your Body

Because of the hazards linked with recreational ketamine use, there is a widespread belief that ketamine treatments may be damaging to your health. Ketamine’s hazardous effects, such as loss of consciousness and psychosis, occur when excessive dosages of the substance are consumed in risky environments. These concerns do not exist when individuals get ketamine infusions for depression from skilled medical practitioners.

Ketamine infusions are a breakthrough treatment for depression. But it’s important to educate people on the safety and risks of ketamine use and abuse. If we can put the myths to rest, more people may have access to this treatment option. To find out more about ketamine treatments, reach out to us today.

Sharon Moore

Managing Director at Moore Racehorse Trust

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