How to breed horses in Minecraft 1.12?

This Minecraft guide includes images and step-by-step directions for breeding horses.

In Minecraft, you can breed horses and make cute baby horses (foals). Let’s look at how to breed horses.

Required Materials to Breed Horses

In Minecraft, you may breed horses with any of the following items:

Steps to Breed Horses

1. Find Two Horses

First, you need to find two horses to breed. Horses are most common in the Plains biome.

plains biome

If you’re having problems locating horses, you can use a cheat or a spawn egg to summon one.

Since your horses would need to stay near during breeding, we created a barrier to protect our two horses from going away.

how to breed horses

2. Tame the Horses

A typical error in horse breeding is attempting to breed wild horses. Wild horses cannot be bred in Minecraft. Only tamed horses may be bred, and both horses must be tamed in order to breed effectively.

So make sure you have tamed both horses.

3. Use the Food Items

When breeding horses, you can use golden apples, enchanted golden apples or golden carrots, whichever you prefer. In this case, we will use two golden apples to breed the horses.

You must feed one golden apple to each of the horses, one at a time, using the golden apples from your hot bar.

The game control to use/feed the golden apples to the horses is dependent on the Minecraft version:

  • Right-click on the horse one at a time in the Java Version (PC/Mac).
  • You touch on the horse one at a time in Pocket Version (PE).
  • Press the LT button on the Xbox controller for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • For PS3 and PS4 controllers, hit the L2 button.
  • For Wii U, press the ZL button on the gamepad.
  • Press the ZL button on the Nintendo Switch controller.
  • Right-click on the horse one at a time for Windows 10 Edition.
  • For the Education Edition, right-click on each horse individually.

how to breed horses

As you feed the golden apples to the horses, you will see red hearts appear over their heads. Each of these horses is falling in love.

When you’ve fed both horses, they’ll turn to face each other and red hearts will emerge over their heads.

how to breed horses

After a little while, the red hearts will vanish, leaving behind an adorable baby horse.

how to breed horses

You’ll have two adult horses and one newborn horse now.

TIP You must wait 5 minutes before breeding your horses again.

You have now learnt how to raise horses in Minecraft!

Things to Do with Horses

These are some horse-related activities you may perform in Minecraft:

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