How many times has the Melbourne Cup been run on a Tuesday?

Welcome to our blog post where we delve into the intriguing history of the iconic Melbourne Cup. Have you ever wondered how many times this prestigious horse race has been held on a Tuesday? Join us as we uncover the fascinating facts and figures surrounding the Melbourne Cup’s long-established tradition. From its inception to the present day, we’ll explore the reasons behind the Tuesday tradition, the exceptions made throughout history, and much more. Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Australia’s beloved sporting event.

Does the Melbourne Cup run every year?

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The Melbourne Cup, an iconic horse race, has been held every year since 1861 without fail. Throughout its rich history, the location of the race has remained unchanged, always taking place at Flemington Racecourse. The race poses a unique challenge as it is a handicap, meaning the best horse does not always have the upper hand. With its longstanding tradition and thrilling unpredictability, the Melbourne Cup continues to captivate racing enthusiasts worldwide.

When was the Melbourne Cup race postponed?

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Throughout its esteemed history, the Melbourne Cup has only been postponed twice. In both cases, the race was delayed due to inclement weather caused by heavy rainfall. The first postponement occurred in 1870, while the second took place in 1916. During the years of World War II, from 1942 to 1944, the race was shifted to a Saturday, as part of a two-day Cup carnival. Notably, the remarkable mare Makybe Diva accomplished a feat unmatched by any other horse, securing victory in three consecutive Melbourne Cups in 2003, 2004, and 2005. Such extraordinary moments add to the allure and legacy of this premier horse racing event.

How many horses have won Melbourne Cups?

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Over the illustrious history of the Melbourne Cup, only one horse has managed to secure victory a remarkable three times. The esteemed mare, Makybe Diva, carved her name into the racing annals by clinching consecutive Melbourne Cups in 2003, 2004, and 2005. Additionally, four horses have achieved the feat of winning the race twice: Archer in 1861 and 1862, Peter Pan in 1932 and 1934, Rain Lover in 1968 and 1969, and Think Big in 1974 and 1975. Furthermore, during the years of World War II from 1942 to 1944, the Cup was held on a Saturday, marking the second day of a two-day Cup carnival. These extraordinary accomplishments showcase the talent and enduring legacy of these equine champions on one of the world’s most celebrated racing stages.

Has the Melbourne Cup always been run on a Tuesday?

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While the Melbourne Cup is now famous for taking place on the first Tuesday in November, it hasn’t always followed this pattern. In fact, the race’s schedule has undergone changes throughout its long history. The 1866 Melbourne Cup, for example, was held on a Thursday, while the 1867 edition took place in October. It wasn’t until 1875 that the race found its permanent home on the first Tuesday of November. This scheduling adjustment has since become a cherished tradition and has contributed to the Melbourne Cup’s status as one of Australia’s most anticipated and beloved sporting events.

How many times has the Melbourne Cup been run?

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Throughout its storied history, the Melbourne Cup has been run a total of 162 times, starting from its inaugural race won by Archer in 1861 up to the recent victory of Gold Trip in the 2022 Cup. The extensive list of winners includes valuable information such as the trainers, jockeys, and weights associated with each victorious horse. With each passing year, the anticipation grows for the next edition of this prestigious event, as the 2023 Melbourne Cup will mark the 163rd running of Australia’s premier staying race. Whether it’s to reminisce on past champions or to speculate on future contenders, the Melbourne Cup continues to be an unmissable highlight on the racing calendar.

When was the Melbourne Cup first run on a Tuesday?


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In 1875, the Melbourne Cup made its inaugural appearance on a Tuesday, specifically the first Tuesday of that month. The significant shift to Tuesday was marked by the race’s continued tradition since then. On 7 November 1876, another historic moment unfolded as the three-year-old filly named Briseis, owned and trained by James Wilson Snr., emerged victorious in the prestigious event. Completing the race with a time of 3.36, Briseis etched her name in history as a symbol of triumph and excellence in the Melbourne Cup. The Tuesday tradition lives on, reminding us of the rich legacy and excitement that surrounds this annual sporting spectacle.

Why is the Melbourne Cup run on a Tuesday?

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In a significant change, the Melbourne Cup was shifted from being held on a Thursday to the second Tuesday of the month starting in 1875. The decision was made to coincide with an auspicious occasion – the birthday of the Prince of Wales, which fell on 9th November. To honor this special day, civil service and bank holidays were officially gazetted, allowing more people to partake in the festivities surrounding the Cup. This adjustment not only added a touch of regal significance to the event but also ensured that the Melbourne Cup became a celebrated national holiday, bringing communities together to revel in the excitement and tradition of this iconic horse race.

What time is Melbourne Cup Tuesday?

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The highly anticipated 2023 Melbourne Cup is set to commence at 3PM AEDT on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. Mark your calendars and prepare for an enthralling afternoon of horse racing as this prestigious event unfolds. Whether you’re planning to watch the race live or join in on the excitement from the comfort of your home, make sure to tune in at the designated time to catch all the action as the finest thoroughbreds compete for victory in the renowned Melbourne Cup.

What time is the Melbourne Cup run on Tuesday?


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The highly anticipated Melbourne Cup Day unfolds on the first Tuesday of November each year at the iconic Flemington Racecourse. The race, known as the Melbourne Cup, takes place as the seventh event of the day, referred to as Flemington Race 7. Be sure to mark your calendars and tune in at precisely 3:00pm (AEDT) to witness the thrilling competition as the Melbourne Cup field goes head-to-head. This prestigious event showcases the finest thoroughbreds vying for glory, making it a highlight of the Australian racing calendar. Don’t miss out on the exhilarating festivities and captivating action that awaits on this celebrated Tuesday.

Has a 3 year old won the Melbourne Cup?

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In 1876, a remarkable 3-year-old filly named Briseis defied the odds and emerged victorious in the Melbourne Cup. Notably, Briseis holds a unique record as she accomplished a remarkable feat within just six days. In addition to winning the Cup, she also triumphed in the Victoria Derby and the Oaks races, solidifying her status as a true racing prodigy. While Briseis stands out among the 3-year-old fillies to have won the prestigious event, it’s worth mentioning the incredible versatility of another notable victor, Malua. With their extraordinary achievements, both Briseis and Malua have left a lasting imprint on the illustrious history of the Melbourne Cup.

When was the last time a Favourite won the Melbourne Cup?


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Upon analyzing the history of Melbourne Cup favourites, it becomes apparent that the last time a favourite emerged victorious was in 2013 with the impressive performance of Fiorente. Since the inaugural race in 1861, only 32 favourites have triumphed, indicating that it may be prudent to give due consideration to outsiders in selecting your race favourites. The Melbourne Cup continues to captivate with its unpredictable nature, reminding us that underdogs can often seize the coveted title. So, as the anticipation builds and the race draws near, keep an open mind and explore the potential of lesser-known contenders who may surprise us all on the thrilling day of the Melbourne Cup.

Is The Melbourne Cup the longest race in the world?

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Known as “the race that stops a nation,” the renowned Melbourne Cup is the most prestigious Thoroughbred race in Australia. This annual event captures the nation’s attention as horses compete in a thrilling 3,200-meter race, equivalent to approximately 2 miles. Open to three-year-olds and above, the Melbourne Cup is a turf handicap that showcases the strength and stamina of the participating horses. It’s worth noting that while the Melbourne Cup is widely revered, it ranks as the second-richest turf race globally, surpassed only by The Everest. Prepare to witness high stakes, remarkable athleticism, and unforgettable moments as the Melbourne Cup showcases the best of horse racing on an international stage.

Why is Melbourne Cup so famous?

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The Melbourne Cup’s fame can be attributed to its rich tradition and longstanding history. Since its inception in 1861, the Melbourne Cup stands as one of the oldest horse races globally, captivating racing enthusiasts for over a century. This iconic event has earned the title of the “race that stops a nation,” symbolizing its immense popularity and the way it captivates the entire country. The Melbourne Cup is a beloved tradition that transcends generations, enticing both avid racing fans and casual spectators alike. Whether it’s the allure of the prestigious trophy, the extraordinary display of equine athleticism, or the electric atmosphere that fills Flemington Racecourse, the Melbourne Cup continues to hold a special place in the hearts of Australians and remains an internationally renowned sporting event.

How much is Melbourne Cup worth?

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The Melbourne Cup Trophy is a symbol of prestige and achievement in the world of horse racing. Crafted from exquisite 18-carat gold, this coveted trophy is bestowed upon the owner of the first-placed horse. With a value reaching an astounding $250,000, the trophy represents the pinnacle of success in the Melbourne Cup. In addition to the trophy, the race offers a remarkable $14 million in prize money, further enhancing its allure. Notably, the winning trainer and jockey are also recognized for their accomplishments with smaller replicas of the Melbourne Cup. These elegant tokens of triumph hold a value of $10,000 each, serving as cherished mementos of their memorable Melbourne Cup victory.

Who won the most Melbourne Cups?

Most Melbourne Cup Wins – Owner

  1. 7 – Lloyd Williams (1981, 1985, 2007, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2020)
  2. 4 – John Tait (1866, 1868, 1871, 1872)
  3. 4 – Etienne de Mestre (1861*, 1862*, 1867*, 1878) *The winners of these years were leased.
  4. 4 – Dato Tan Chin Nam (1974, 1975, 1996, 2008)

What day is Melbourne Cup always on?

first Tuesday of November

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Melbourne Cup Day, one of Australia’s most renowned horse racing events, is always held on the first Tuesday of November. This annual spectacle captivates the nation as racing enthusiasts and casual observers alike gather to witness the thrilling races unfold at Flemington Racecourse. The tradition of celebrating Melbourne Cup Day on a Tuesday has persisted throughout the years, making this particular day an eagerly anticipated highlight on the Australian sporting calendar. Whether attending the races or joining in the festivities from afar, the first Tuesday of November is synonymous with the excitement, glamour, and prestige of the prestigious Melbourne Cup.

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