How hungry horse meme ?


Man I’m So Hungry / How Hungry… is a Twitter artist porgiexd’s exploitable cartoon based on a tweet by Twitter user cabby. The comic has been exploited as an exploitable meme, with many characters appearing in the panels.


The term first appeared on Twitter on August 6, 2020. FreshErns, a Twitter user, tweeted the following:

me: wow I am so hungry

horse: *nervously* how hungry

The message, which was a play on the old expression “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse,” earned over 700 likes in over two years, but on August 28th, 2022, Twitter user cabby tweeted a similar tweet that received over 307,000 likes and over 37,000 retweets in less than five months. On August 30th, 2022, Twitter artist porgiexd released a cartoon (seen below) of the tweet, which has over 69,000 likes and 13,000 retweets in less than four im so hungry how hungry...


Exploitable variants with different characters became popular on social media around five months after Porgiexd’s cartoon was initially released. Twitter user @yamanxadu uploaded a variant utilizing Link from Zelda CD-i on January 23rd, 2023, getting over 5,000 retweets and 21,000 likes in one week (seen below, left). On the 24th of January, user @IkaroKruz submitted a cartoon with the same structure, garnering over 2,100 retweets and 10,000 likes in a similar time span (seen below, right).OH BOY! I'M SO HUNGRY HOW HUNGRY... OH, BOY! I'M SO HUNGRY! Ga HOW HUNGRY? @IKAROKRUZ

Another example is a tweet by @Dededaio that featured Kirby characters and had over 230 retweets and 1,200 likes in one week (seen below, left). … a post by user dullanson on Reddit’s /r/dragonsfuckingcars that received over 250 points in two days (seen below, right).

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