Can a horse eat watermelon ?

Can horses eat watermelon? Yes, and the fruit may provide nutritional advantages.

However, although watermelon is absolutely healthy for most horses, it may not be suitable for all equines. If you wish to give your horse watermelon, introduce it gradually and attentively observe how they respond. Contact your veterinarian if your horse develops any medical problems after eating watermelon.

How much watermelon can a horse eat?

Your horse may eat the ripe section of a watermelon, including the seeds, and watermelon rind is OK to offer in modest amounts.

A smart way to limit the quantity of watermelon you offer your horse is to use it as an incentive or treat.

Is watermelon good for horses?

Watermelon, unsurprisingly, contains mostly water. One serving of watermelon contains approximately 90% water and 10% sugar. It also contains vitamins A and C, magnesium and phosphorus. The rind is a rich source of fibre and the amino acid citrulline, which  converts to arginine in the horse’s body. Arginine produces nitric oxide used to relax blood vessels and increases blood flow to particular areas.

Can eating too much watermelon make your horse unwell?

Watermelon would have to be consumed in huge quantities by your horse in order to create problems.

The rind contains no chemicals that are harmful to your horse. Watermelon seeds contain trace amounts of toxins, but so do other seeded fruits, and the quantities of toxins are unlikely to cause issues. Because the seeds are so minute, the possibilities of choking are quite low.

Watermelon should be fed to your horse in moderation, just like any other treat.

How should you feed watermelon to horses?

Watermelon should be sliced into slices and fed like you would a carrot.

It is suggested that you wash the watermelon before giving it to your horse to ensure that any pesticides or herbicides previously put on the watermelon are washed clean. Before cutting into the fruit, wash the whole exterior of the rind with cold water and a scrub brush.

Is it OK to feed watermelon to a horse I don’t own?

Please do not feed anything to a horse that is not in your care without the owner’s permission. Your intended kindness in giving the horse a treat could make the animal very sick, or even result in their death if they have any underlying conditions. In addition, if there is a group of horses in a field and you start feeding them, this could result in a horse being injured as the herd squabble or fight over the food. Both sickness or injury from unauthorised feeding could result in an expensive and unavoidable vet bill.

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