The Moore Racehorse Trust was established as a charity in early 2011 to holistically rehabilitate and re-home horses that are no longer suited to the job of racing and would otherwise have an uncertain future.

Since Sharon Moore, the charity’s founder has a very big heart, the land and outbuildings rented by the Trust also started to fill with other animals in need of love and care. And so the charity expanded to include them and is now called The Moore Racehorse Trust and Animal Sanctuary. Today there are over 40 animals and birds living happily at the Trust.

Horses are still at the centre of the charity, which started life when Sharon gave Samson a home when the charity where he had been living after a racing injury could no longer keep him.

He was soon joined by a group of 18 month-old fillies and Gemma, a three year-old mare, who were about to leave Ireland for the Continent. Funding was raised in days to mount an emergency rescue mission and they soon arrived safely at the Trust in Westmeston, Sussex.

Their rehabilitation has been a long journey and Poppy, Willow and Lacey are ready to go to new homes to make way for other racehorses in need of care, as is Connor, a more recent arrival.

The Trust’s philosophy is to care for each horse as an individual by using complementary therapies and providing a peaceful natural environment. The horses live outside in a herd with access to a variety of herbage and good shelter. A natural approach is taken to training to make sure every horse will be physically and emotionally sound to go on to their new home.

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